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CWS Volunteer Interest Form

If you're interested in getting more information about how to get involved with CWS, please share your email address and information with us here. Thank you. Note: only the name and email address fields are required, so we can provide you with additional information about volunteering. The additional fields are not required but will help us taper the program to the educational needs of our volunteers.

  • If not a student, you can leave this option blank
  • This could be from the list of class on our schedule or something that you're interested in teaching that we don't currently offer.

CWS Runs Completely on Volunteer Power

CWS accepts all volunteers with a desire to be involved, share their insight, and gain experience in the classroom. Much of the professional experience students gain at SILS are in more formal positions. CWS is a fun, low risk alternative that offers leadership, community service, and instruction opportunities for graduate students.

Check out our Volunteer FAQ to learn more about volunteering with CWS. You can also preview the curriculum in the Handouts section.

Why People Choose to Work with Us

“The digital divide is very wide and not always acknowledged–even by me. I like being part of more people gaining agency with digital literacy. I also appreciate the opportunity this organization allows me to become part of the community since I just moved to chapel hill.”- Christina, SILS 2020

“CWS allows people to reclaim agency and confidence in a world where technology is ubiquitous and presumed to be intuitive.” – Madeline, SILS 2020

“I love volunteering with CWS because I can directly serve my community. CWS makes a tangible, immediate difference in the lives of our students. I am glad to help them thrive.” – Alexandra, SILS 2020

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